I was always obese as far as i can remember. i was lazy and ate crap all the time at end of may of 2010 i decided i had to change, my waist line was 44" i weighed 125kg. i couldn't do a pullup, pushup and couldn't ever run 50 metres. i couldn't move far for long always tired and really lazy at the end of may i bought an exercise stationary bike. and started doing cardio. The first time i nearly died i thought my heart was going to explode and I stopped. it would have been not a easy to stop but i had to change one of my friend told me about Diet Clinic, I Joined and i kept going and over the next few months saw a massive improvement in my fitness i could keep cycling for a while. 7 months later i have lost 45kg.my waist line in 38". i can run and cycle i can do 20 good form pushups and 7 pull ups. and I am not embarresed to do things now. i feel brilliant, look a lot better and a lot healthier.

I owe a lot of my success to Dietician Nandhini and Diet Clinic. The Diets are easy to follow and suit everyone, everything is explained thoroughly. The forum is very informative and everyone is helpful. i now follow the intermediate dieting program. I have made a change for life no i have goals ambitions. and its all down to getting off your ass and doing the work. the more you put it the more you get out. I have no piks with my top off. but this is me last new year 2011. you get the idea "I hope this is enough information " - Manuj Gulati has been under Nandhini's guidance for 11 months now and has lost 45Kg and still going .

My father aged 65 ,was suffering from diabetes,,High blood pressure,, Asthma,,and was under long treatment ,,he also suffered from a heart attack,,and was admitted in appolo hospital,,though he was cured and operated but used to remain under pressure and tension.One day we invited for consultation on astrological , naturopathy and reiki treatment,,as he is an great expert on these science,after thorough examination,he advised us to contact diet clinic health center ,and follow their tips on healthy diet ,,but we could not visit them ,,still started following their tips and it is surprise that my father is improving his health .I would like to say ,,we read books and gain or collect knowledge which is the practical experiences of some great people ,,or researcher ,same way we are following the tips of diet clinic health care and appreciate their efforts. - Rajesh Nigam

As I looked in the mirror I felt a bit better. It looked great on me. And just for reassurance, as I walked up the stairs, my slip fell down around my ankles. My pants that were tight a month ago were falling down and sagging in my legs and behind. That is very satisfying. I have tried on a few pairs of pants that I was not able to fit but always meant to get into. They went on just fine, and I feel excited about losing 10 kgs! – Ashidh Duggal

I am an engg in central govt, since last four years i was suffering from diabetes and obesity,,as did not had routine life due to heavy work load ,,could not eat timely and healthy food .Hence was on medicines but one day one my great friend visited my house and advised me to follow the tips /post of diet clinic health care on diet food. I started writing the comment on my note book and followed ,to my surprise ,i have improved a lot ,within last six month lost 13 kg, which was previously 89 kg as well as there is improvement all round health ,,i thanks diet clinic health care - suhas khandke

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